Sunday Morning, June 17, 2018 - Father's Day in the US

Quick update on what is going down, but also my first micro BLOG, not as micro as Twitter, but it is a start. It was hot here yesterday and will be again today, so good days to be inside hacking away.

Working on all my sites right now and I will be for this one too. Here is an idea of what is going on and what will be going on.

  • First off, this site needs a face lift and maybe a little reworking.
    • This page can be an running micro BLOG
    • I will remove Linux from here and move it to WinterDelight
    • I will think this through, but I might swtich WinterDelight and this page. Make WinterDelight more of a family or personal site and make this the techy site??? My family uses emails, so maybe that is more personal? Who knows right now. Easy to change if I need to.
  • I have been moving my sites over to HTTPS with the help of LetsEncrypt
  • WinterDelight
    • Gotten a face lift and now needs content
    • SSL is in place for it
    • Learning a static site generator with NuxtJS and that is teaching me some of VueJS too
  • JDub Tech, LLC
    • Got SSL
    • Rewrite from scratch to make it light and fast
    • Learning something new with SASS
    • Working at making it Responsive with minimal JavaScript
    • Coming soon will be a Contact Form that is modeled off Traversy Media's Fancy Form. My goal is to get it live and storing data in the database before Brad gets his video out about it. So maybe today.